James Wm. Harris III - Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Disability, Annuities
Products / Services
Accident coverage
         - pays tax - free money to you if you are treated for any accident;
           fall / cut / auto / etc.
Medicare Supplement

       - fills in gaps in your medicare coverage

Mortgage Protection
          - term and universal life coverage
            [to protect mortgages in event of death].
          - personal disability to protect income if sick or
          - coverage may or may not require exam;                                             
                  exams free, if needed.
Final Expense Insurance
          - permanent coverage to cover burial costs.
          - persons aged 50 - 85 may apply for coverage.
          - no exam required up to 25,000.
General Life Insurance
          - term, universal, and whole life. 
          - persons 0 - 90 years old may apply. 
          - family coverages available.
            - coverage may or may not require exam; 
                 exams free, if needed.
Personal Disability
          - receive monthly income if you cannot work due
                    to illness or injury. 
Payroll Deduction products for your company
          - NO COST to employer.     
          - accident / life / disability / critical illness
          - employees participate voluntarily, through
                     payroll deduction.                                               
TransAmerica Life, IAC Life, Assurity Life, American General Life, Capital Life, Kemper Life, Equitable Life, Columbian Life, United Home Life, Colonial Life, Boston Mutual,  Paul Revere Life (NY), US Life (NY), and Transamerica Financial Life (NY).
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