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1 ---- Medicare Products (Medicare Parts C and D)

Medicare Advantage (Low premium to NO premium plans)
Medicare Supplement
Prescription Plans

CAP your per year COSTS for:
          covered medical expenses
          covered prescriptions
Fill in gaps in Medicare Coverage
2 ---- Final Expense / Burial Insurance - ages 50 - 85 may apply;    
             younger ages can apply also!   

          - permanent (i.e., lifetime) coverage to cover burial costs, etc..

          - products for persons with SEVERE health conditions [AIDS,
                    Cancer, etc.] available -
                    NO HEALTH QUESTIONS on application!
                    Ages 50 - 85 ONLY in New Jersey!
                    Ages 0-80 in New York!

          - products for people of moderate to good health available also
                    SIMPLIFIED / EASY issue - these include health questions on
                            the application, and have lower rates than the
                            policies referred to above.
                     Ages 0 - 85

          - NO EXAM required for ANY final expense / burial coverage.

          - COST never goes UP, and BENEFIT never goes DOWN.
                    (In certain cases, benefit actually increases.)

          - FAST approval / issue of policy (generally, ~5 days from receipt 
                     of application by company).
3 ---- 'General' Life Insurance - fully underwritten
          - term, universal, and whole life. 
          - persons 0 - 80 years old may apply. 
          - family coverage available.
            - coverage may or may not require exam; 
                 exams free, if needed.

4 ---- Mortgage Protection
          - term and universal life coverage
            [to protect mortgages in event of death].
          - personal disability to protect income if sick or
          - coverage may or may not require exam;                                             
                  exams free, if needed.
5 ---- Personal Disability Coverage
          - receive monthly income if you cannot work due
                    to illness or injury. 
6 ---- Payroll Deduction insurance products for your company
          - NO COST to employer.     
          - life / disability / critical illness
          - employees participate voluntarily, through
                     payroll deduction.                                               

Medicare Products

       United Health Care 
       Empire Blue Cross / Blue Shield
       Well Care

        TransAmerica Life,
        Assurity Life,
        AIG (i.e., American General Life),
        Baltimore Life,
        Gerber Life,
        Columbian Life, 
        Liberty Bankers Life (d/b/a Capital Life in New Jersey),
        Savings Bank Life, and
        Mutual of Omaha (d/b/a United of Omaha in NJ).

Companies for group PAYROLL DEDUCTION  insurance:
        TransAmerica Financial, and
        Assurity Worksite.       
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